A downloadable game for Windows

Karma is a game that was re-made for the Pixel Horror Jam of 2017,

the game follows protagonist Suzette Heartell in the afterlife as she tries to find closure after being murdered. 


This game does mention and hint towards sensitive topics such as childhood abuse, neglect, gore, murder, and the like. If any of this makes you uncomfortable please keep that in mind when downloading the game.

The game includes five endings that depend on how you handle getting closure, and if you find some lost items.

This is my second game that i've made and the programming might be a little off,  still I hope that through some grammatical errors scattered about (that i'll fix another day when I update it later on) that anybody who plays this will still enjoy it.


Karma.exe 230 MB


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Hello, can I translate your game into Russian?

Sure that's fine by me, i've never actually had any of my games translated before, what files would you need? ^^

That's not necessary. I can crack such games. xD

Oh cool, then go right ahead! I look forward to seeing who ends up liking it :D

Hello Sadbunnystudio. You made a great job making this! I suppose you made this with an RPG-Maker engine which is very obvious. With that out of the way, may you make an "No RTP" version? I would appreciate it.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I hope to recreate Karma at a later date to improve on it, when I do that i'll likely be uploading a No RTP version as well! Thank you for your patience!

I loved it!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! :D

Just finished playing and got 3 endings! Pretty cool game.

Thank you so much!

I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed Karma, I hope that you'll give my next game a play once I finish it! ^^

I'll patiently wait for your upcoming game :3